Control Block Patterns

Control Block Patterns is a simple plugin that comes with 75+ predefined patterns ready to use & you can create more block patterns. It allows end-users to create custom block patterns within the WordPress Patterns Directory. You can add beautifully designed, ready to go layouts to any WordPress site with a simple add/replace. Save & control your site Block Patterns in an organized way.

Block Patterns are predefined block layouts, available from the patterns tab of the block inserter. Once inserted into content, the blocks are ready for additional or modified content and configuration.

By using this plugin you can also control Patterns, custom CSS, Script,HTML and many more in your WordPress site header, content and footer.

When you activate the Control Block Patterns plugin that creates a new custom post type for custom block patterns. If you register custom patterns then you can select registered block patterns on the edit screen.

The Control Block Patterns plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg 7.8+ and WordPress Version 5.8.1. This plugin currently requires PHP 5.6 or higher. Block pattern will be a part of core WordPress in the future.

Key Features

  • Control Reusable Blocks: Now you can easily manage your Reusable Blocks, you can import all of them by single click.
  • Register Block Patterns: The editor comes with 75+ Predefined Patterns. Theme and plugin authors can register additional custom block pattern using this plugin
  • Unregister Block Patterns: The plugin settings page allows for a previously registered block pattern to be unregistered from a theme or plugin
  • Register Block Pattern Categories: The block editor comes with bundled categories you can use on your custom block patterns. You can also register your own block pattern categories using the plugin.
  • Unregister Block Pattern Categories: This Plugin settings page allows you to unregister a pattern category comes from a theme or plugin
  • Assign Pattern: User can assign a patterns to one or more categories
  • Keyword Assign to Pattern: This plugin setting page allows users to add any keywords into the pattern to make them easy to find in the block inserter. It is an optional feature.
  • Create Custom Pattern Categories: This plugin also support to create custom pattern categories
  • Disable/Enable Default Patterns: This Plugin settings page allows to enable or disable the default patterns
  • Easily Insert Header and Footer Code: You can insert code like Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, any code or script, including HTML and JavaScript and more to your WordPress site header and footer. No need to edit your theme files! This plugin gives you one place where you can insert scripts, rather than dealing with dozens of different plugins.
  • Disable/Enable Default Header Footer Code: You can easily enable or disable every option by using a single click in plugin setting page.
  • Custom Style Add: There is an option Control CSS, by using this feature you can control you theme CSS.
  • Control Theme Script: By using plugin feature Control Script, you can easily control your Header, footer or body script or html.
  • Reset Functionality: If you think your custom script and css is bothering you then you can easily reset your custom items which ones are made with Control Block Patterns. You will find the Reset Options under plugin’s setting menu.
  • Default Category Rename: If you do not add any category before creating your patterns, then all the patterns will go to under Control Block Patterns category. So in the setting page you will get an option to rename the default category. After renaming it next patterns will be under this category.
  • Custom Pattern Builder: By using Control Block Patterns plugin, you can build your own pattern with the help of available Gutenberg blocks.
  • Widget Support: You can add block patterns to available widget area(such as: Sidebar, Footer Widget etc.)
  • Shortcode Support: Shortcode feature also available in this plugin
  • Import/Export: You can import/export your block patterns to one site to another site, you can also import Reusable Blocks in block Patterns